Jaíza Día de la Santaña
Scarlett Johanson - - Jaíza Día de la Santana 5-3
Jaíza Día de la Santaña
Daughter of Bast
Demigod-Leader of the Warriors of Bast
Vital Statistics
Gender female
Family Eduardo Día de la Santaña(father)
David Calvic(half-brother)
Carmen De la Santaña Hernandez(grandmother)
Status Alive
Eye Color Yellow/Yellowish Brown depending on the Light
Hair Color Blond
Height 5'2
Affiliation Ahm Shere
Weapons Claws
Species Demigod (Egyptian)
Home Ahm Shere
Greek/Roman form None
Appearances Egyptian Dreams
Actor Scarlet Johanson
Quests Getting Persia and Sally Jackson to Ahm Shere
Getting Demigods to Ahm Shere
"Hello there, hairball."

"'ello yourrrself, fleabag." - Jaíza Día de la Santaña to Steven Page in "Shopping"

Jaíza Día de la Santaña (*19. January 1991) is a daughter of Bast and the Leader of the Warriors of Bast should her mother be absent. Jaíza is known to be a hard trainer to the new members, pushing them throught the "Week of Hell". But she also has a huge heart for kids and adores the  little son of her friend Genevieve.

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